Terms and Conditions




The Security/Damage Deposit is collected in addition to the rental fees.  All security deposit monies shall be refunded by mail or credit card no later than fourteen (14) days after departure, provided there is no damage, any excessive cleaning required or inventory unaccounted for.


Notice of cancellation must be received in writing no later than sixty (60) days prior to the first day of the rental period in order to receive a full refund of the security deposit; The processing fee in the amount of $50.00 is non-refundable.  In the event of a conflict in scheduling or if the property should be sold, this Agreement shall become null and void, and all attempts shall be made to locate a comparable rental property for the renter.  The Renter shall not be obligated to accept such terms and shall have the option to terminate the Agreement and receive a full refund of deposit.



Use of premises:  The premises shall be used for residential purposes only, and Guest(s) shall peacefully and quietly occupy the same and shall not interfere with the rights of other Guest(s) or neighbors.  Guest(s) shall permit no activities on the premises, which are contrary to any law, ordinance and/or fire department or insurance policy provisions.  The Guest(s) shall not park or drive vehicles on the lawn or in an area that will obstruct any adjoining drive except areas designated.


Balance Due:  For weekly rentals the full balance of rental agreement is due 60 days prior to the arrival date.  For any rental 14 days or more (monthly rentals) we require 1/2 of the rental amount down at time of booking and the balance paid in full 60 days prior to the arrival date.  


Hurricane policy and Vacation Rental Insurance:  Hurricane season extends from June 1st to November 30th. Renter(s) are encouraged to purchase “trip interruption insurance" to protect their investment, as there are no refunds for cancellations due to hurricane. Trip interruption/Vacation Rental insurance is available from outside vendors or can be purchased in most cases from your homeowners insurance carriers.   


Cancellation policy:   In the event that Guest provides notice of cancellation to Owner’s Agent sixty (60) days or more before check-in, any deposit received by Owner’s Agent shall be refunded to Guest minus a $50.00 processing fee plus applicable sales tax, if any.  Any deposit, rent or fees paid shall become non-refundable sixty (60) days prior to check-in.  Owner reserves the right, solely at Owner’s discretion, to refund on a case basis only, part of any deposit, rent or fees paid, minus an administrative fee, upon notice of cancellation by Guest received less than sixty (60) days prior to check-in due to an emergency.  Any deposit, rent or fees retained by Owner pursuant to this provision shall be agreed upon liquidated damages, consideration for the execution of this Rental Agreement and in full settlement of claims.


Substitute Accommodations:  Owner shall make all reasonable efforts to have the rental premises available for Guest’s rental term.  In the event of only natural disaster, fire or other casualty or due to the sale and transfer of ownership of the premises to another party or if Island Breeze Rentals is no longer the Property Manager responsible for said premises, Owner will offer a substitute property to the Guest for approval.  If Guest rejects the substitute property, then all collected deposits and fees will be immediately returned to Guest, and Owner and Property Manager shall have no further liability or responsibility to Guest.  All terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement shall apply to any acceptable substitute rental property.



Check-In is 3:00 PM      Check-Out is 10:00 AM
(These times may vary by home/season)

Check-In is 4:00 PM     Check-Out is 10:00 AM


You will be emailed check-in instructions the Tuesday prior to your arrival. 

If you did not receive instructions,

please contact Island Breeze Realty directly at 305-432-1193.


Eviction Policy:  Guest acknowledges and agrees that Owner may remove or cause to be removed from the rental premises any Guest or occupant who, while at the rental premises, illegally possesses or deals in controlled substances, violates any of the terms of this Rental Agreement, is intoxicated, profane, lewd or brawling, who indulges in language or conduct which disturbs the peace and comfort of other guests or neighbors or which constitutes a nuisance or which injures the reputation, dignity or standing of the rental premises or anyone who fails to make a payment of rent at the agreed upon rental rate and fees at the agreed upon times or anyone who fails to check-out at the agreed upon time unless an extension of time is expressly agreed to by the Owner or Owner’s Agent and the Guest prior to check-out.  Admission to and removal from the rental premises are not and shall not be based upon race, creed, gender, physical disability or national origin. Any notice to vacate may be given orally or in writing by Owner to Guest or occupant and if in writing shall be as follows: “You are hereby notified that this establishment no longer desires to entertain you as its guest and you are requested to leave at once.  To remain after receipt of this notice is a misdemeanor under the laws of the state of Florida”.


If any guest who is asked to vacate early has paid in advance, Owner and Owner’s Agent shall, at the time of notice is given, tender to the Guest the unused portion of the advance payment without pro-ration for any portion of the day the Guest is noticed to vacate.  Owner may retain the security deposit without further notice as liquidated damages, consideration for the execution of this Rental Agreement and in full settlement of all claims. Owner reserves the right to proceed at law with a damages claim.  Any Guest who remains or attempts to remain after being requested to vacate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree punishable in accordance with Florida law.  If any person is illegally at the subject rental premises, Owner may call upon any law enforcement officer of this State for assistance.  If the Guest is arrested, Owner shall employ all reasonable and proper means to care for any personal property which may be left at the rental premises by the Guest; however, upon arrest, the Guest(s) shall be deemed to have given up any right of occupancy and to have abandoned such personal property.


Smoking:  This home is posted No Smoking.  Smoking is permitted outside the premises only. Guest also agrees that cigarette butts and all associated waste shall be properly disposed of in waste receptacles. VIOLATION OF A NON-SMOKING POLICY WILL RESULT IN A $250 FEE TO HAVE THE HOME CLEANED TO GET THE SMOKE SMELL TAKEN CARE OF: THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


Pets:  Pets are allowed only with the expressed consent of the Owner, and an additional cleaning fee of $100.00. If pets are permitted, they are to be under Guest’s control at all times and not allowed to disturb neighbors or wildlife.  Guest must clean up after pets and not leave animal waste and messes in the yard. Pets may not be left unattended in the premises without being kenneled. All animals must be leashed while off the premises. Violators of the animal ordinances are subject to tickets and/or fines.  Guests who bring dog(s)/cat(s) onto the Premises that have fleas/ticks will be charged a fee of $250.00 to treat the home for pests.    NOTICE! PETS BROUGHT ONTO THE PREMISES WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL WILL RESULT IN A $500.00 ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO GUEST(S) SECURITY DEPOSIT WITHOUT EXCEPTION AND MAY RESULT IN EVICTION FROM PREMISES. **NO MORE THAN 2 PETS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY RENTAL HOME AT ONE TIME. 


Noise:  Guest and all occupants shall not make, continue or cause to be made or continued, any noise disturbance before 7 a.m. or dawn (whichever is earlier) and after 10 p.m.


Visitors:  “Visitors” include all individuals who enter the Premises and who are not listed on Exhibit “A” as an Occupant.  Guest acknowledges responsibility for the Occupants and all Visitors to the Premises.  No Visitors are allowed on the Premises after 10 p.m. 


Recreational Vehicles and Automobiles: Recreational vehicles and automobiles shall not be used for sleeping or overnight accommodations at the Premises.


Boats and Watercraft:  Guest(s) acknowledge that the boat and watercraft size limit as set forth in local codes and ordinances will be observed at all times.  Any fines for violation(s) of local codes and ordinances for boat and watercraft shall be at the sole expense of the Guest(s).  Boats and watercraft shall not be used for sleeping or overnight accommodations.


Parking:  Guest(s) shall park all vehicles in front of the premises.  Guest(s) acknowledge that there is no parking  vehicles 1 ½ car lengths from the corner of premises.  Violating vehicles shall be stored or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.


Condominium and HOA Approval (if applicable):  Guest(s) shall obtain condominium and/or homeowner association approval for the use of common elements.  Guest(s) shall comply with all condominium and homeowner association regulations.


Compliance with Regulations:  Guest(s) shall comply with all local ordinances and regulations including occupancy and use requirements.  Guest(s) are responsible for all occupants and visitors during the term of this Agreement.


Violations of Regulations:  Violations of occupancy and use restrictions as set forth in local ordinances and regulations may result in immediate termination of this Agreement, eviction and/or fines to the Guest(s).


Gas BBQ grill:   If there is a gas grill on the premises it is for cooking purposes only.  Do not place charcoal in the gas grill.  If the grill is out of gas, Guest is responsible for filling the tank. Simply disconnect the tank, take it to the local Home Depot, and exchange for a freshly filled tank. Owner will reimburse Guest for the charge if the sales receipt is provided to Owner’s Agent. Once cooking is completed and the grill is still warm, clean the grill. Do not leave the grill dirty.  **SOME HOMES HAVE CHARCOAL GRILLS: PLEASE ASK YOUR AGENT IF THE HOME YOU RENTED HAS A GAS OR CHARCOAL GRILL.  **Reimbursement does not apply to guests staying more than 10 nights (if the propane is purchased within the first 10 nights you will be reimbursed: any refills after will not be eligible) ONLY 1 REFILL PER STAY.


Conserve water:  Please be conservative using water; it is a scarce and expensive commodity in the Keys.


Conserve electricity:  Please do not waste electricity. Specifically, do not run the AC while leaving the doors and/or windows open and adjust the thermostat when away from the premises for extended periods of time.


Pool Heater:   Most pools have a heater; some Owners charge an additional fee of $125.00 per week for its use. Please contact the Owner’s agent for more information. **GAS POOL HEATERS COST MORE TO RUN, PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT POOL HEATERS AND PRICES. 


Phone service & charges:  Owners are not required to have land phone lines.   If the home has a land line it is for local calls only, a calling card should be used for any toll calls.  Guests shall be responsible for any phone charges that occur during the guest’s occupancy.


Security Deposits:  Owner reserves the right to cancel any reservation if the deposit is not received within seven (7) days from the date this Agreement is provided to Guest for signature. Guest may not apply the security deposit to rent.  Owner shall hold said deposit to secure Guest’s performance pursuant to this Rental Agreement and applicable law and regulations.  Owner may apply said deposit to any damages cause by the Guest, Guest’s Family, guests, agents or employees, including without limitation, unpaid rent, telephone charges, utilities, any excessive cleaning required beyond standard post-tenancy cleaning and any other damages. Owner is not required to apply the deposit towards any rent owed by Guest. The security deposit shall be held by Owner in a non-interest bearing account.  Any remaining deposit and / or deposit claim notification shall be mailed to Guest within forty five (45) days after cleaning and inventory of the premises subsequent to Guest vacating said premises.  Guest shall return the rental premises and all property included therein to Owner at check-out time in the same condition it was in when Guest checked in, absent only of normal wear and tear.  Any damages or missing personal property shall be deducted from the security deposit at replacement value. 


If the premises are returned in the same condition the security deposit shall be refunded to the Guest’s credit card or by check to the Guest’s address above and postmarked within 14 days of departure.


Cleaning:  The rate above includes normal exit cleaning fee.  The premises are cleaned before Guest arrival and after Guest departure. Additional cleaning during Guest’s stay is not included in the rental agreement. Guest may arrange in advance for additional cleanings at an additional charge per cleaning. The premises shall be returned in the condition found with the exception of normal cleaning and normal laundry. A washer/dryer is provided with the premises. Guest shall wash linens and towels and shall leave only one soiled set of linens and towels per room upon departure. Furniture shall not be re-arranged. Dishes shall be left clean and properly stored. The last load of dishes, once washed, may be left in the dish-drainer or dishwasher.


Liability:  By signing below, the Guest warrants that the Guest, and all persons accompanying Guest, agree to hold harmless the Owner of the premises and his agents and assigns, from any liability due to injury, loss of life or loss of property by the Guest or any persons accompanying the Guest.


Obligation of owner:  Owner agrees to make the premises available for the above dates to the Guest in clean and proper working condition. Should any condition or circumstance arise that would prevent the Owner from fulfilling the obligation, including acts of nature, hurricane damage or any change in local vacation rental ordinances, the Owner and his agent agree to try and find alternative equivalent or satisfactory accommodations for Guest. 


Representation:   Island Breeze Realty, LLC and /or its agent/licensee/property manager are the agents and representatives of the Owner, pursuant to Florida statute 21V-10-033, and will be paid by the Owner.  The owner/agent is not responsible for loss, theft, or personal injury.  If Guest is entering this Agreement with the premises unseen, Guest’s signature in this Agreement releases Island Breeze Realty, LLC and /or its agent/licensee/property manager and representatives from any and all deficiencies in the premises Guest may find upon arrival.


Indemnification and hold harmless clause:    Guest is responsible for and shall indemnify the Owner and Owner’s agents, upon demand and hold them harmless from any and all claims, liability, demands, actions, causes of action, expenses, damages, losses or injuries sustained by any person including Guest, Guest’s family, agents, guests or invitees as a result of or arising from the Guest’s subject occupancy and tenancy, including but in no way limited to claims arising from the use of any pool, hot tub, spa-pool, water area or dock which are part of the rental premises. Guest shall also be liable and indemnify Owner upon demand for attorney’s fees and court costs, including the cost of appeals, incurred by Owner in enforcing any of the terms, covenants or conditions of this Rental Agreement or which are sustained by Owner as a result of or arising from or during Guest’s subject occupancy and tenancy. By signing below, Guest warrants that the Guest, and all persons accompanying Guest, agree to hold harmless the Owner of the property and his agents or assigns, from any liability due to injury, loss of life or loss of property by the Guest or any persons accompanying the Guest.


Make checks payable to:  Island Breeze Rentals 


Mail To:                     

Island Breeze Realty, LLC                                                       Office Phone:  305-204-4326

David Grego, Broker/Owner                                                    Cell:                 305-923-1209

12220 Overseas Hwy                                                                Fax:                 305-289-8855

Marathon, FL 33050                                                                      Email:    [email protected]


Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.


(Note:  e-mail address is to be used for convenient communication but not for official notification)


Please print one copy of this contract for your records and one copy to sign and send with your first payment to the Agent/Manager at the above address.  Agent/Manager will counter-sign and return a copy to the Guest’s address above.  By signing this Agreement, Guest has read and agreed to all terms and conditions stated herein.




Guest’s Name:                                                                                                                    


Guest’s Signature:                                                                                                                               Date:                                     






Agent/Managers’ Signature:                                                                                                             Date:                                     




Vehicle List



Vehicle Make



License Plate

































Occupant List



Name of Occupant

Relationship to Guest











































Guest Initials                                                         


Agent/Manager Initials                                          




(Note:  e-mail address is to be used for convenient communication but not for official notification)


Please print a copy of this contract for your records and another to sign and send to the property manager at the above address with your first payment, as outlined in the terms above.  Agent / manager will counter-sign and send a copy back to the renter’s address above.  By signing this agreement,  you have read and agree to all terms and conditions stated herein.